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This page will be a dedication to the infamous "Top Ten Rankings" thing and its importance or non-importance. Also, I will discuss many of these myths about the large malls on the Internet. Should you be in one or can you go it alone? I say yes and you are better off for it. Control your own destiny it is the only way. Either you rely on those who have only their own interests at heart or you can take care of yourself and compete with the big boys. Remember you are as big and as good as any of the large large corporations on the net. Thing is are you willing to stick it out and commit to the challenge? Some are, some aren't. Which are you?

Search Engines

These are the engines we are having success with. Virtually 85-95% of your web site visitors and business will come through these portals!!!

* Alta Vista   * InfoSeek
* AOL NetFind   * Lycos
* Bing   * HotBot
* Excite   * WebCrawler
* Google   * Yahoo

Makes sense to have good positioning on all of these search engines doesn't it. This is "free advertising" for you and your business!!!


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Top Ten Rankings at Top Gun

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