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  • Yes... doing business on the "internet" is what this is really about. That's why you clicked on that button. I myself, was where you are right now a short ten years ago. A bit tough isn't it, the good news is it gets easier with the right help!!!

    That dreaded "Newbie" as those techy computer gurus call us. But don't despair it will get easier if you really want to do this thing called the "internet." Problem is finding out all the vital information you will need to... do it right.

    That is how I ended up creating the BeSeen domain. I got tired of all those unscrupulous persons preying on all of us unsuspecting newbies... taking the money and running, and not delivering what they said they would.

    Having said all that... you can rest assured at BeSeen you will enjoy honesty, integrity, and our striving for perfection.

    Many of our "Shop Owners" I've personally done some business with and I do thank them all for beginning their internet business ventures with BeSeen.

    I hope you'll enjoy what we're creating at this domain. The place to learn, "how business is done on the net" and how to do it right the first time. Someone said... "build it and they will come."

    I welcome you all to your very own... field of dreams !!!

    Brad Bishop ~

    P.S. To my little Brielle... I love you.

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