Little Angel Heart  

Brielle Paige Bishop
One of Life's Little Miracles

  Little Angel Star

In everyones life comes moments of joy that words can sometimes not explain. Having a child is one of those very special moments in time for myself and Virginia. Welcome to this site that will contain my "pride and joy" of becoming a father to the sweetest little girl in the world.

Thank you Brielle for showing us, "what life is really all about" and enriching our lives by the simple fact that you are here with us and giving your "mother and father" such joy each and every day. Remember to kiss and hug your Daddy every day, oops don't forget Mommy!


Bri's Picture Galleries
Brielle's 1998 Christmas Card
Brielle's 2000 Christmas Card
Brielle's 8 Month Mall Pictures
Brielle's 10 Month Glamour Pic
Brielle's 13 Month Ballerina Pic
Brielle's 3 Year Old Princess Pic


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