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Stabilized Oxygen

Stabilized oxygen... is a high concentrate of oxygen in the molecular form, exactly like the oxygen that's breathed from the atmosphere through the lungs, changed to oxygen molecules, and deposited in the blood. In this form, the oxygen molecules move from the blood to the iron atoms on the red blood cells and then to the cells of the body. The correct source of energy for all cells in the body is oxygen. Stabilized oxygen actually puts oxygen in the blood without the process of breathing. It can't over-oxidize the cells because the iron atoms on the red blood cells can only release the amount of oxygen the cells can use. When taken orally, stabilized oxygen is non-toxic. It's a natural element one of five elements of life: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur.

To understand the real value of stabilized oxygen (O2) and its close chemical cousin, ozone (O3), one must also understand the effect of oxygen on each type of bacteria: aerobic and anaerobic. There are innumerable bacteria represented in each of these types. Aerobic bacteria are the friendly or "good" bacteria: the beneficial bacteria of the soil water, food, and body. Aerobic bacteria are the normal flora of the body and cannot survive without the presence of oxygen.

Anaerobic bacteria are the disease, infectious, purifying, and contaminating bacteria of the soil, food, and body. Anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. However, there are anaerobic bacteria which can live in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, but they're not disease or infectious bacteria. Rather, they're part of the normal flora of the skin and bowel.

This is why the allotropic forms of oxygen, i.e. stabilized oxygen and ozone, are so effective against salmonella, cholera, E. coli, streptococcus, pseudomonas, staphylococcus, and giardia lamblia. They can be used as a spray on foods that can be easily contaminated with bacteria, such as fish, chicken, etc. They're effective for spraying on food work tables to retard bacterial growth. Much in the way that other vitamin and mineral supplements enhance different body functions, stabilized oxygen acts as a supplement to the body's total function by adding oxidation potential. Since action occurs at a fundamental cellular level, it can assist the body in protecting itself from a multitude of infectious agents.

Oxygen deficiency, or oxygen starvation, can be the single greatest cause of disease. Oxygen plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the immune system. It is the source of life and energy to all cells. Bodily abuse through eating and drinking habits (including pollutants & toxic preservatives in water and food), air pollution, use of drugs (prescription and illegal), and lack of exercise can greatly reduce the amount of oxygen available to the cells. When there is "insufficient oxygen" to support the health of a cell, the cell turns to sugar fermentation as a source of energy. This is a very undesirable source of energy which upsets the metabolism of the cell. It causes the cell to manufacture improper chemicals and soon a whole group of cells is unhealthy and weak. Thus, a shortage of oxygen in the blood could very well be the starting point for the loss of the immune system and beginning of many of today's degenerative diseases.

Unfortunately, many of us experience oxygen starvation on a daily basis and yet
never even realize it. The following factors rob us of oxygen from our bodies:

  1. Toxic Stress. Whether obtained from the water we drink, the air we breathe, or the food we eat, we are now subject to over 70,000 different toxic contaminates, many that didn't even exist a decade ago. Body-available oxygen is required for the body to metabolize and eliminate these lethal chemicals from the body.
  2. Emotional Stress. Adrenaline and adrenaline-related hormones are created by the body during emotionally stressful times which for many of us occur every day. The body must use its available oxygen to metabolize these chemicals back out of the body to re-establish metabolic balance.
  3. Physical Trauma & Infections. Bacteria and viruses stress the body's immune system and rob the immune system of oxygen that is necessary for the body's normal metabolic functions.
  4. Reduction in Available Atmospheric Oxygen. Studies have shown increased environmental pollution and "green plant" destruction has reduced the oxygen in our atmosphere by as much as 20% over the last 200 years.
  5. Improper Diets. Saturated fats can reduce oxygen in the blood stream. Foods with high fat contents and low nutrient values, i.e. junk foods and other highly-processed foods, have less than half of the oxygen content of complex carbohydrates or fresh fruits and vegetables.
  6. Lack of Exercise. Exercise increases the body's metabolic rate as well as the intake of oxygen to help cleanse the body of a build up of toxins. A sedimentary lifestyle reduces the body's ability to eliminate toxic contaminates and to perform normal metabolic functions.

Syntra-Gen offers a nutritional alternative approach to better health in the form of a very remarkable stabilized oxygen supplement. Syntra-Gen is a mildly buffered solution of distilled water and sodium chloride, balanced to the pH of the blood stream, approximately 7.2. (A first for stabilized oxygen products!) Syntra-Gen has the highest concentration of stabilized oxygen available in a pH balanced solution of ANY stabilized liquid oxygen product in the world! It is colorless, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and completely safe to use as directed.

The oxygen in Syntra-Gen is absorbed into the blood stream primarily through the gastro-intestinal tract. The oxygen makes its normal journey through the blood stream to the organs and cells of the body.

Syntra-Gen, as a supplement, is every bit as important as vitamins A, E, C, etc. Our bodies require a consistent supply of oxygen to function properly. The oxygen in Syntra-Gen works synergistically with all other vitamin, mineral, and enzyme supplements to help you obtain a higher level of health and well-being.

Suggested Use: Mix 10 - 12 drops of Syntra-Gen in 4 - 8 oz. of water 3 times daily. Syntra-Gen may also be taken sublingually. Children - One half adult dose.

Ingredients: Solution of distilled water, sodium chloride, and trace minerals. Store in a cool, dry place.

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