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Calm Sleep
Melatonin Formula

This melatonin formula will help you sleep and relax!!!

Calm Sleep ~ Melatonin Formula

Melatonin, Kava Kava, and Valerian will help you to relax naturally and promote a restful nights sleep. Containing a low dose of Melatonin, our Calm Sleep is all some people need to sleep better and restore this key ingredient in the blood to more youthful levels.

A recent article written in The Physicians Guide to Life Extension Drugs stated... "The evidence of melatonins anti-cancer effects is so strong that scientists are speculating that the cause of breast cancer may be a melatonin deficiency..."

  Calm Sleep Melatonin Formula
60 Capsules

Ingredients: Melatonin 500mcg, Kava Kava 50mg (Standardized to 30% Kavalactones), Lemon Balm 50mg, Valerian 25mg (2% Essential Oil), Passion Flower (2:1) 25mg, Hops 5mg (Standardized to 1% Essential Oil).

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