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PMS Issues...

I've seen lists of PMS symptoms that include dozens of complaints, but the most common symptoms include several or all of the following: bloating, weight gain, headache, backaches, irritability, depression, breast swelling or tenderness, loss of libido, and fatigue. Do these symptoms sound familiar? They are also the symptoms of estrogen dominance.

But the full range of symptoms includes confusion, disorientation, intemperate judgments, and decision making, moods swings, body aches, anger and verbal abuse, lethargy alternating with increased energy, alienation, guilt (at having your abused friends), lack of self-esteem, and cravings for sweets especially chocolate. Further, every system in the body can be affected: immune, digestive, circulatory, nervous, endocrine, and dermotologic (skin). Victims of PMS my experience any combination of the above and with all degrees of severity, from mild to overwhelming.

There are two important realities to understand about PMS. They are: 1. YES, it is real - 2. NO, you are not crazy.

The Role of Progesterone

More than a decade ago, after reading the work of Dr. Katherine Dalton in London, who defined PMS and found success using high-dose progesterone administered as rectal suppositories, Dr. Lee decided to utilize natural progesterone cream in the treatment of his patients with PMS. The results were most impressive. The majority (but not all) of those patients reported remarkable improvements in their symptoms, including the elimination of their premenstrual water retention and weight gain. He has recieved hundreds of phone calls and letters from women and their doctors over the past few years who repot that PMS has been alleviated with the use of natural progesterone. Dr. Joel T. Hargrove of Vanderbilt University Medical Center has published results indicating a 90 percent success rate in treating PMS with natural progesterone.

If you are concerned about or suffering from any of these type of symptoms, don't wait, ORDER today!!!

Natural Pause Natural Progesterone Creme


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