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Military Medals, Insignias, Badges, Crests, Medals Sets, Ribbons and Wings

Sets and Breastplates

What is the price of freedom? Most of us who have served know.
Many people of the younger generation do not. By displaying and
wearing your decorations and awards appropiately, someone who
has taken these freedoms for granted might then realize it's cost.

Be proud of your contribution or that of a family member.
What better way than displaying their or your awards!!!

"Military Medals and Insignias"

PLEASE NOTE ... Prices shown below do not include the cost of any medals or attachments.
All of the personalized framed sets have an engraved plate. This plate will hold up to three lines.
On the order form please make sure that spelling is correct. Maximum of 20 letters and spaces per line.

Description Stock Number Price
Custom Mounted - Personalized Sets
( includes frame, matting & mounting )
S 1 $ 24.95
Breast Plate for - Mini-Medals
( eight medals maximum per row )
S 2 $ 8.75
Breast Plate for - Ribbons S 3 $ 8.75
Sand Carved Sets S 4 $ 55.00
Medal Breast Plate - Full Size
( four medals maximum per row )
S 5 $ 1.00 / medal
Attachment for ribbons or medals
( oak leaf clusters, stars, etc. )
Ask for
by name
$ 0.75


Military Medals and Insignias
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Military Medals, Insignias, Badges, Crests, Medals Sets, Ribbons and Wings



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