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Meanie Beanies Collectibles Series I Meanie Beanies Collectibles

Meanies Collectibles Series 1 Set of 12

From the "Idea Factory" comes the new "Meanies" collectibles. The initial Meanies set of twelve (12) can be viewed by taking our tour. Click the images below and see the newest collectibles rage!!!

Buy the complete "Meanies Series #1 set of 12" and get the 13th "Mystery Meanie" Free from the Idea Factory! Read all of the "Official Rules" about this offer and order yours today!!!

Armydillo Dan Bart the Elephart Boris the Mucousaurus Fi & Do the Dalmutation Hurley the Pukin' Toucan Matt the Fat Bat
Navy Seal Otis the Octopunk Peter the Gotta Peegull Sledge the Hammered Head Shark Snake Eyes Jake Splat the Road Kill Kat

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