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Infamous Series Meanie Beanies Collectibles

The "Infamous Series" from the Idea Factory is now available!!!
This newest set is taking the country by storm. Will there be more?
Only time will tell, get yours before they're gone!!!

Series I

Bull Clinton   Bull Clinton
Bull Clinton is "full of it" they say.
His "staff" couldn't get out of the way
He's in and out of courts,
'cause of his fallen shorts,
he leans to the left, so they say.

Buddy the Dog
Buddy's been sniffing around
and, panties are what that hound found.
He got them in bed,
on the president's head
Now guess...who'll be off to the pound.
  Buddy the Dog

Doneyng   Donkeyng
Donkeyng the promoter is brash,
with his smile, his cash and his flash.
More than anything else,
he's promoted himself,
but that "suit" can't quite cover his @#!

Mike Bison
Mike Bison's a boxer with bite.
He's the best when it comes to a fight.
So, stay in your homes,
when this buffalo roams
and keep your ears well out of sight.
  Mike Bison

Series II
Dennis Rodmantis Jerry Stinger Mallard Stern
Dennis Rodmantis Jerry Stinger Mallard Stern
Mick Jaguar Moodonna Quack Nicholson
Mick Jaguar Moodonna Quack Nicholson

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