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Meanie Beanies Collectibles Series II Meanie Beanies Collectibles

Meanies Collectibles Series 2 Set of 12

Bare Bear, Bessie Got Milked, Burny the Bear, Chicken Pox,
Digger the Snottish Terrier, Donnie Didn't Duck, Floaty Fish,
Lucky the Rabbit, Peeping Tom Cat, Phlemingo, Sunny the
Preemie Chickie, Velocicrapper... the names do say it all !

Bare Bare Bessie Got Milked Burny the Bear Chicken Pox Digger the Snottish Terrier Donnie Didn't Duck
Floaty the Fish Lucky the Rabbit Peeping Tom Cat Phlemingo Preemie Chickie Velocicrapper

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